Worcestershire paedo jailed for multiple sex offences against children

William Loveridge, 45 of Pershore, Worcestershire was sentenced (16/12/2016) for 5 counts of sexual assault(s) on multiple children. He decided to put his victim(s) through the trauma which would of meant them facing him again after committing these harrowing crimes against them and plead ‘NOT GUILTY’ until the day of his trial which took 15 months to arrange, then he changed his plead to ‘GUILTY’

He plead ‘GUILTY’ to all 5 counts:

  • 3 x SEXUAL ASSAULT of the Sexual Offences Act 2003
  • 2 x SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD UNDER 13, contrary to section 7(1) of the Sexual offences Act 2003.

He was sentenced to:

  • 5 years imprisonment.
  • Sign the sex offenders register indefinitely.