VIDEO: This is moment 21-year-old Lewis Bruce was caught trying to meet a child for sex.

Lewis Bruce, 21 of Washington, Tyne & Wear was sentenced today (23/11/16) for attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.


He sent multiple graphics messages and told the ’13-year-old’ Dark Justice decoy how he wanted her to use his mouth as a human toilet and have sexual intercourse.

He arranged a meeting at the Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne, on route to the meeting he sent a text message saying: “Just bought some condoms incase we have sex”. When he turned up to the meeting he was confronted by members of Dark Justice he immediately ran off and was arrested later that night at his home.

When questioned about where his mobile device was by police, he claimed he sold it at Intu Metrocentre the day beforehand but in reality he had smashed the phone and had destroyed the sim card.

4 Whilst on bail for the first offence, he contacted another one of Dark Justice decoy profiles which proclaimed ’13-years-old’, but again he sent explicit messages and wanted to meet her with her cousin who was ’11-years-old’.

He was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order due to him having a number of mental health issues – The Secretary of State has to approve of his release, with sex offenders registration indefinitely.


You can watch the video of the confrontation below: