PanicGuard: Must have personal safety application for smart phones

PanicGuard is a must have application for smart phones currently it is downloadable on: iOS (Apple), Google Play (Android) and Windows Phone. The Application caters for all different people and professional sectors such as: children, security workers, taxi drivers and dog walkers etc.

Links to application (below):

iOS: Click here to download PanicGuard on iPhone

Google Play (Android): Click here to download PanicGuard on a Android phone

Windows Phone: Click here to download PanicGuard on a Windows Phone


To use PanicGuard you will first have to sign up here: Register – PanicGuard



There are a lot of features within the app, for example when you shake (you can change the sensitivity of your shake) your phone emergency alarm will be raised and your phone will ring your emergency contact and email and text them a link to track your location (which is quite accurate), the application can also be used to tell your emergency contact when you’ve departed and arrived safely from a location and how long it should take you to travel and that’s not all, if you do unfortunately have to use this application, the application also takes video/sound recording evidence to give your emergency contact a good description to pass on to the relevant authorities if the flashing light and sound doesn’t fend off the suspect.

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