VIDEO: Paedophile with baby fetish who had adult nappies, milk bottle and dummy as he hoped to meet boy, 15, was instead snared by paedophile hunters two times in three months.

A paedophile with a baby fetish was caught twice by the same paedophile hunters while attempting to meet two different underage boys following sexual grooming.

Terence Moore armed himself with a dummy, adult nappies and a baby bottle, before  attempting to meet a 15-year-old boy called James.

But the 52-year-old was instead confronted by undercover organisation Dark Justice, which aims to expose men looking for sex with children, for the second time in three months.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Moore first began speaking to ‘James’ in an online chat room in January this year.

Neil Pallister, prosecuting, told the court: ‘The defendant said he was a cross dresser and lived at an address in Newcastle.

‘He asked if he wanted to go to the defendant’s address.

‘The defendant was told at least four times that he was talking to a 15-year-old.

‘He gave his mobile telephone number.’

Mr Pallister told the court how the defendant asked ‘James’: ‘Do you like kissing, f***ing and sucking?’ to which he replied: ‘I’m not sure I’ve never done out like that before, I’m only 15.’

Mr Pallister said: ‘The defendant goes on to say: “I have got baby gear as well. I have got adult baby gear. I have got nappies, dummies and bottles.” ‘

The court heard how Moore organised to meet the youngster on January 29 outside his address in Newcastle.

Dark Justice spotted the defendant and rang his mobile phone before confronting him and contacting the police, who arrested him.

The court heard how Moore’s flat was searched by police.

They found a room set up as a children’s nursery and another room filled with women’s clothing, fetish outfits and wigs.

Mr Pallister said: ‘In the kitchen they found several dummies, formula milk for babies, adult nappies and bibs.’

The court heard how Moore began chatting online to another 15-year-old boy called Gary in March while he was on bail for the first offence.

Moore asked the boy if he could meet at the Town Moor in Newcastle and said he would bring a dummy and women’s clothes.

He was once again confronted by Dark Justice who detained him until the police arrived to arrest him.

The court heard how the defendant’s rucksack contained a number of items including a pair of pink adult bloomers, a fake cigar, a baby bottle, two condoms, lipstick, a wig adult and shoes.



Mr Pallister told the court Moore had been previously jailed for four years in 1988 for two offences of attempting sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.

Moore, of Newcastle, admitted two counts of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming at a previous hearing.

He was sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Elizabeth Muir, defending, told the court how Moore had learning difficulties and he had had a difficult childhood after being brought up in a children’s home.

She told the court how he had kept himself completely out of trouble since his last offence 30 years ago.

Judge Tim Gittins told Moore: ‘It is clear because of your life style that you have been a regular user of the internet to discuss and arrange bisexual contact, homosexual contact and fetish behaviour.

‘That is fine, that is a matter for you, unless and until you start to try to engage in that behaviour with young people, some of whom need protecting from you and from themselves.’

Judge Gittins told Moore that he was satisfied there was a risk of him causing serious harm to other children by engaging in his sort of behaviour.

He told him: ‘You have been able to keep out of trouble and away from young children for many years and you need to do that again for the indefinite future..’