Our basic guide on how to set Facebook privacy settings.

A safer Facebook in three easy steps. (Strongly recommended for children’s Facebook accounts)

Step one

Facebook’s Privacy Settings and Tools panel allows users to restrict access to future posts and personal contact information, along with who can look them up via their provided email / phone number.
To access your privacy and tools settings, firstly log in to the account and then click the lock icon in the upper-right corner of the main Facebook navigation bar its right next to the Notifications icon.
Afterwards, three specific privacy short-cuts will show within the resulting drop-down menu see the image example below:

Step two

Facebook allows users to control who can see posts you have on your timeline

In the first option we have ‘who can see my stuff?’ if you click on that and then you will see the following ‘Who can see my future posts?’ changing this option to friends is the best way to stop unwanted people looking at your timeline. see the image below:

Step three

To change who can send you friend requests, click ‘who can contact me?’ you will then see ‘Who can send me friend requests?’ to stop random people from sending friend requests we recommend changing this to Friends of Friends. see the image below: