We started accepting donations as a lot of our supporters requested to support us to take the strain off some of the expenses we run into whiled fighting this cause.

In late 2018 we were involved in a court judgment.
One of the people we caught said we only catch people to make money from donations, and there was a judgment.
The Judge ruled that we were NOT making a profit and funds raised were used for legitimate Dark Justice related activities, but he did make a note that our account keeping could be improved, so we have made a few changes to our donation system.

The main reason for the change is to keep better accounts of what donations are received this will help us and save us more time if we are ever asked to produce our accounts again meaning less time is wasted, resulting in swift justice of on-going cases, as multiple cases were put on hold.

All donations will be accepted by PayPal.
Donations were only ever accepted due to the public asking to help us keep Dark Justice running and as we have grown so have the running costs.

All donations are used for Dark Justice tasks and we NEVER use any donations for personal luxuries.

Here is a brake down of what donations will be used to pay towards

  • Maintenance

    Hosting, domain, security and the general upkeep of the website so that we can keep our information public.

  • Travel

    Other modes of transport that is needed for example we travel quite a bit and sometimes it easier to not take a car.

  • Car costs

    Fuel, repairs, the general upkeep of the vehicle, etc that is required to go to and from stings and other Dark Justice related activities.

  • Accommodation

    If we are required to be in an area outside of our home town we sometimes need to pay for a place to stay.

  • Postage and packaging

    Sometimes we are required to post items to police stations.

  • Parking

    When we are on stings and other Dark Justice related activities we sometimes have to pay for parking.

  • Food costs

    When we are out on stings we may have to buy some food because we need to be at police stations for a long time doing statements so cant go anywhere to cook food.

  • Equipment

    Sometimes we need to buy some items that will help us produce better evidence or help keep us safe while out on stings. for example stab proof vests, disks, ink, paper, storage and cameras/computer related stuff and software.

  • Other

    Other costs we may accouter while doing Dark Justice related activities.