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Tougher sentencing for paedophiles.


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We call upon the Governments of United Kingdom to bring about much needed review and reforms of our sentencing laws for crimes of child sexual abuse.

We STRONGLY believe that sentencing guideline issued by the independent Sentencing Council do NOT represent what the public/victim’s of abuse see as justice!

The Government stated “The most serious offences have severe maximum penalties, including an automatic life sentence for anyone convicted of a second very serious sexual offence.” why should they be allowed to destroy two life’s before any true justice is served?.

The latest sentencing statistics for sexual offences show:
• the average custodial sentence length (ACSL) for adults across all sexual offences has increased from 49.5 months in 2010, to 62.5 months in 2015;
• the ACSL for adults convicted of rape has increased from 99.5 months in 2010, to 120.9 months in 2015 – and for rape of a child under 16, the adult ACSL has increased from 119.1 months in 2010, to 139.9 months in 2015;
• 5,136 adults were sentenced for sexual offences in 2010, compared to 6,406 in 2015.

You even have offenders walking with NO prison sentence because the guidelines claim there better treated in the community
The 2012 Ministry of Justice stats show:

In total, of 1,174 paedophiles where found guilty last year(2011), only 643 were jailed,

Keith Bristow said expecting all the estimated 50,000 people in the UK who have accessed abuse images to be brought to justice was “not realistic”.

Images are just a gate way to abuse the children in the images are REAL and they are the victim’s who NEVER see justice!
We need change and need it now!
Please sign and share we need 100,000 people before they will even take us serious! lets show them its what the public want!

One of our own cases Richard Hewitt this man had 26 previous offences on his record relating to child abuse yet was deemed “no risk” to children.. This is a man who attacked a 15 year old girl and said “go to the police and i will find you” he was given two years…. he will be out in 12 months.

Stand up and be heard! sign now and lets make change together!