Isle of Wight Woman caught by ‘Paedophile Hunters’ given suspended sentence

Laura Harding, 31, of Hookes Way, Newport was given a suspended a suspended sentence after sending indecent images of herself to what she thought were children.

The 31-year-old added the Dark Justice and Guardian Of The North decoys on Facebook and started sending indecent images of herself to them and started grooming what she thought were two 13-year-olds, unbeknown to her she was talking to ‘paedophile hunters’.

She went to groom the ‘girls’ asking intimate questions about their bodies and asking the decoys bra size etc.

She plead guilty to all offences she was charged with and was given a six month jail sentence, suspended for one year and must also sign the Sex Offenders Register and abide by a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Mark Wixey from Ampney Crucis sentenced for inciting a child into sexual activity over social media

38-year-old Mark Wixey from  Ampney Crucis, near Cirencester, has been given a community order after inciting girls aged 13 to 15 into sexual activity over social media.

He was told on multiple occasions the ‘girl’ was aged 13 but was actually a undercover operative from the group Dark Justice.

He was not phased by the age of the girl and continued asking the Dark Justice decoy if she wanted ‘sexy fun’ and told her she was beautiful and also asked her for indecent images of herself.

He was sentenced to a 2 year community order, 5 years Sexual Harm Prevention Order and to sign the Sex Offenders Register for 5 years.

Wirral man in court after being snared Dark Justice

A Wirral pervert tried to encourage a 13-year-old girl he met on line to meet him for sex – and even wanted to abuse her four-year-old relative.

Fortunately they were fictional characters set up by a paedophile hunting group.

Fantasist Shaun Parrott was consequently snared and arrested by police.

Liverpool Crown Court heard today that since his detection Parrott had tried to engage the help of the child protection charity, Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

But ironically they had told him to sign on via the internet – and “that was against his bail conditions which was to have no internet usage,” said his barrister Rebecca Smith.


Parrott walked free from court after a judge said: “If I send you to prison it will be a punishment for you but it won’t address the underlying factors that give rise to these offences.”

The court heard that Parrott was snared after a member of the Dark Justice group, which specialises in seeking out and exposing paedophiles on the internet, had set up the teenager’s fake profile on a mobile app.

Within 20 minutes of posting the fake profile of “Amy” on July 17 along with a picture of an apparently under-age girl Parrott, was in touch using the name “Bimale Rape Me”.

He correctly gave his age as 44 and was not put off when she revealed she was only 13 and lived in Newcastle, said Simon Duncan, prosecuting.

During their lengthy conversations Parrott asked, “Are you a virgin honey or a naughty girl? and when she replied the former he asked if she wanted to have sex with him. He gave his mobile number and they then continued conversations via WhatsApp.

In these he said he would travel to Newcastle to meet her and offered to teach her sex techniques. “She went along with the ruse and at one point he said he loved her and wanted to give her a baby.”

They arranged to meet on August 1 but he then said he could not make it and the next day their conversation “took a more sinister turn” after she asked what he would do if he came angry.


When she did not respond he demanded she “answer me now bitch” and said he would abuse her mum and threatened “your mum’s dead.”

Another meeting was set up and he again made an excuse not to attend but they finally agreed to meet at the Leasowe Castle Hotel, Wallasey, as she was allegedly visiting in the area though this did not happen.

Their conversations ended on September 4 and after being alerted by the paedophile hunter police arrested Parrott on September 7 at his home in Mackenzie Road, Leasowe.

When interviewed he admitted the conversations and said he had not met her as he had “bottled it.”

He said “he knew she was purporting to be 13 and deep down he said he knew it was wrong.”

He said he had sent the threatening messages “as some girls like the bad boy approach” and Mr Duncan said that was the tenor of the messages rather than genuinely threatening.

Parrott also said he had no intention of meeting her.

Parrott, who has no similar convictions, pleaded guilty to attempting to incite a girl to engage in sexual activity and also admitted a new charge of attempting to communicate sexually with a child.

Rebecca Smith, defending, said that Parrott “lives a very isolated life” and finds it difficult to socialise.

“He lives solely in a fantasy world and he has described himself that way to me.”

Judge Neil Flewitt, QC, said that Parrott had used a “disturbing” name on social media and the course of conduct had spanned seven weeks.


He pointed out that although the threats he made may have been “bravado” they would have been deeply disturbing to a 13-year-old girl.

“You are an isolated and inadequate individual. I cannot be sure that you would have ever have carried through the things you spoke about. it may be that was as close as you would have got to a real relationship.”

He sentenced him to 12 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years and ordered him to carry out 10 days of rehabilitation activities and attend a sex offenders treatment programme.

Parrot was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for ten years and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed to run for the same length of time.

Paedophile tried to meet boy, 13, to abuse him while on bail for grooming a girl

A man who planned to take a boy to a hotel to sexually abuse him while on bail for grooming a girl has been jailed.


Michael Aldridge, 35, said that he was 19 years old when he started chatting to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl last October.

In fact the girl, named Jessie, was paedophile hunters Dark Justice. He told her that he was bisexual and asked her if she had any male friends who would be up for meeting him at a hotel.

But when he arrived he was arrested and admitted to a health professional that he was a paedophile.

He was released on condition that police could check his browsing history at any time. That led police to find child abuse images including a baby in a nappy being raped and his plan to meet a 13-year-old boy at a Holiday Inn.

Aldridge had got the boy to show his genitalia to him via Skype and the court heard that they were set to meet up within 20 minutes.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told Newcastle Crown Court:

‘The conversation indicated the two were to meet for penetrative sexual activity, which would include bondage.

‘There was an agreement to meet the day after. When hearing the child could not spend the night with him, he said they could use a shopping centre loo for sexual activity.’

He cancelled the first meeting but set up a second encounter at the hotel.


Aldridge was arrested on the day he had been due to meet the boy who had blocked him online. Aldridge, of Bewick Court, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

He also admitted having a total of 687 indecent images of children on his home devices. Brian Hegarty, defending, said Aldridge has faced up to his problems and is willing to receive help and input to overcome them.

Mr Hegarty said Aldridge had a troubled childhood and his difficulties are complex. Judge Stephen Earl told the court how the mother of the teenage boy said he had been left feeling ‘ashamed and apologetic’.

The judge said in relation to the Dark Justice case that the defendant was ‘attempting to involve other children, although they did not exist, into the offending’.

Judge Earl told the court: ‘Each of these offences are so serious only a custodial sentence is appropriate.’ He was jailed for three years, ordered to abide by a sexual prevention order and pay a victim surcharge.




Pervert, 37, is snared by vigilante paedophile hunters trying to meet a 15-year-old girl for a ‘cheeky kiss’ outside a Subway restaurant

A pervert who tried to meet a 15-year-old girl for a ‘cheeky kiss’ was snared by paedophile hunters outside a subway restaurant.

Kevin Tomlinson, 37, thought he had been having explicit online chats with an underage schoolgirl, but in fact it was an account run by Dark Justice and Guardians of the North.

The vigilante groups engage in online conversations and snare adults looking for underage sex.

omlinson, from Sunderland, arranged to meet the girl after telling her ‘we might end up in bed together’.

But when he turned up for the meeting late at night in Sunderland, he was confronted by the vigilantes, who had alerted the police.

Tomlinson was arrested and later admitted attempting to meet a child after grooming, at Newcastle Crown Court.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court: ‘Within two-and-a-half hours of the internet chat beginning, the defendant arranged to meet her at half past midnight, at a local Subway shop in Sunderland.

‘He told her his correct age, that he was 37. He found out she lived in Sunderland and found out she would be on her own for a few hours.

‘She said she could come to his for a cheeky kiss and see what happens.

‘He said ”maybe we might end up in bed”.

Tomlinson has no previous convictions for sexual offending, but was the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order imposed after he was cautioned by police in 2013.

The caution was for the indecent assault of a girl, aged between three and six, which happened in the 1990s, when Tomlinson was a teenager, the court heard.

Judge Robert Adams sentenced Tomlinson to nine-month suspended sentence.

He must also adhere to programme requirements, a ten year sexual harm prevention order and ten years on the sex offenders register.

The court heard probation officials have assessed Tomlinson as posing a  ‘medium risk of harm to children, particularly when under the influence of alcohol’.

The judge said a suspended jail term was appropriate to allow professional intervention.

He told Tomlinson : ‘You are best served, and particularly,more importantly, the public is best served by seeking to deal with your difficulties in a more comprehensive fashion.’

Sue Hirst, defending said Tomlinson was ‘lonely and looking for adult company’ when he engaged in the chat, after he had been drinking.

Miss Hirst said her client has realised that alcohol has caused problems in his life and sought help since his arrest.

She added: ‘He is a man who won’t come back before the courts.’


Former police officer spared jail for indecent images offences of children

A former Exeter police constable has been sentenced for indecent images offences.

Jonathan Fulcher, 34, appeared at Exeter Crown Court and has been sentenced to eight months in jail suspended for two years, given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO), and placed on the sex offenders registerfor making indecent images of a child between June 2010 and October 2016, and possession of ammunition without a firearm certificate.

Fulcher, from Crediton, was a serving police officer in Exeter but was suspended from duty at the start of the criminal investigation.

A Special Case Hearing was held before Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer on 3 July 2017 and Fulcher was dismissed from the police service without notice.

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Middleton said: “Jonathan Fulcher has acted in a wholly inappropriate and criminal manner for which he has been sentenced at court today.

“As soon as these allegations came to light, Fulcher was suspended from duty and a full investigation launched. He has now been dismissed from the police service.

“Devon and Cornwall Police expects the highest ethical and professional conduct from all officers and staff operating within the Force, and robustly investigates misconduct and allegations of criminal offences.

“The vast majority of our staff demonstrate commitment on a daily basis to these professional standards and the Force’s obligation to instil public confidence in the police service. Fulcher’s actions have fallen well below these standards and his behaviour has let the police service and the public down.”

Convicted paedophile caught trying to meet Girl, 14

Mitchell Wilson from Newcastle came to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl but got caught by Dark Justice.

(PICTURE: Dark Justice)

Wilson already was previously convicted of having sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl was caught by Dark Justice after communicating with what he thought was a underage girl on a social media website and arranging to meet her for sex.


In 2016 he was sentenced to a 36 months probation order and was made subject to sex offenders register requirements after admitting to having sexual activity with a child.

(PICTURE: Dark Justice)

When caught by Dark Justice he turned violent punching one of the Dark Justice investigators in the face and made a run for it but he was quickly detained by police officers in the Elswick area of Newcastle.


He was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment suspended for 2 years and forced to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Hampshire man Mark Gaudion caught in anti-paedophile sting operation – but he is spared jail

A 55-year-old man has been given a suspended prison sentence after he was caught attempting to groom under-age girls in sting operations by two separate groups of vigilante paedophile hunters.

Mark Gaudion pleaded guilty to two charges of attempting to engage in sexual communications with a child and a count of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Dawn Hyland, prosecuting, told Winchester Crown Court that Gaudion had contacted the fake profile of a teenage girl called Becksy Baby on the online dating website Waplog.

(Picture: YouTube/Predator HunTers)

She said the profile had been set up by a vigilante group called Predator Hunters and clearly stated the age of the girl was 14.

Ms Hyland said that the defendant sent 57 messages to the profile, including an explicit photograph.

She said that Gaudion went on to arrange for the girl to come to stay at his home but at the rendezvous in April he was confronted by four members of the group Predator Hunters, and the police were called to arrest him.

Ms Hyland said that when police searched his home, they found that Gaudion, of Bordon, had engaged in similar online conversations with another fake profile, a 13-year-old girl called Amy, set up by a different group called Dark Justice.

(Picture: Dark Justice)

Karen Dempsey, defending, said that Gaudion was a “vulnerable man” with borderline learning disabilities and a low IQ.

She said: “He has accepted his guilt, it has been difficult to explain to him, he is a vulnerable man who has challenges both in terms of his learning difficulties and his IQ.”

Judge Jane Miller QC sentenced Gaudion to 15 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years and ordered him to carry out 200 hours of community service. He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

She told him: “This is your first offence, you are clearly a man with difficulties and I believe you deserve at least one chance.

(Picture: Dark Justice)

“I think you need some help to understand what you have done so you do not do it again.”

She said that the defendant had denied having sexual interest in children and said that the messages had been just his “wicked sense of humour”.

Judge Miller said that the defendant had attended a special school as a child and had been “bullied enormously” and she had been advised that he could be subjected to “sexual exploitation and bullying” if sent to prison.

Earlier this week, the BBC Inside Out programmed revealed a rise in similar cases involving online vigilante groups.

Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, told the programme: “I’m not going to condone these groups and I would encourage them all to stop, but I recognise that I am not winning that conversation and I am not winning that moral argument.”

Grieving father trying to meet 14-year-old girl for sex is snared by online paedophile hunters months after the death of his child

A father who had a breakdown after the death of his child was caught by so-called ‘paedophile hunters’ after trying to arrange to meet a girl for sex.


Ross Wilcox, 30, sent messages to an online account he believed belonged to a 14-year-old schoolgirl called Sarah and, after discussing sex, arranged a meeting.

But he had in fact been communicating with the group Dark Justice, whose members confronted him when he arrived at Newcastle’s St James Metro station for the rendezvous.


Wilcox, of Cramlington, Northumberland, has now admitted attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and was handed a suspended sentence.


His sentencing comes the day after a senior policeman admitted UK police forces may have to begin working with groups like Dark Justice, who have not been deterred by previous warnings not to get involved.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told Newcastle Crown Court Wilcox had sent a message to the fake profile and the conversation quickly moved on to private, graphic, WhatsApp messages, despite him being told Sarah was just 14.


He later discussed if she wanted to ‘try sex’ and, within four days of getting in contact, arranged a meeting, the prosecutor said.


The court heard Wilcox, who had learning difficulties, was sectioned under the mental health act last August while grieving the death of his child.

Andrew Walker, defending, said an ensuing investigation and post mortem revealed the child had died due to an infection.


Mr Walker said the tragedy had a ‘devastating’ effect on the family and Wilcox’s grief had an impact on his mental health.

Mr Walker added: ‘The reality is, for this defendant, despite this offence, he has never laid hands on a child inappropriately in his life.’

The judge, Recorder Simon Kealey sentenced Wilcox to 20 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation requirements, sexual harm prevention order and sex offender registration.


The judge told him: ‘The fact you have been sectioned under the mental health act as a result of dealing with the death of a family member and the fact that when you were educated you were challenged with special educational needs are not just points of personal mitigation which are powerful in themselves but they are potentially causative features why you behaved as you did over those few days, out of character.’

The UK’s lead police officer on child protection has said forces will ‘potentially’ have to look at working with so-called paedophile hunters.


Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the national lead for child protection at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, spoke after figures obtained by the BBC show an increase in the number of cases where evidence gathered by paedophile hunters is being used.


He said: ‘I’m not going to condone these groups and I would encourage them all to stop, but I recognise that I am not winning that conversation.

‘I think (working with vigilantes) is something we’re going to have to potentially have to look at, yes, but it comes with some real complexity.’

11 suspected paedophiles arrested on 1,200 mile road trip

A joint operation road trip between ‘Dark Justice’ and ‘Guardians of the North’ has ended up in 11 suspects  been took into police custody for questioning over online child sex offences.

A few weeks ago we set off on a road trip which lasted for 4 days in tow with ‘Guardians of the North’ another North East based Child Protection Team, they operate in a very similar way to ourselves.


We travelled the length and breath of England starting with Worthing near Brighton.


People from all different ages and backgrounds were arrested, we’ve listed below where they were from (Once convicted they will be named):



  • Burnley, Early thirties.


  • Wirral, Late thirties. (Remanded)


  • Wrexham, Mid-Late twenties.


  • Gloucester, Early fifties who was already under investigation by police.


  • Cirencester, Forties.


  • Minehead, Mid fifties.

  • Yeovil, Early twenties.


  • Filey, Late forties.


  • Scarborough, Mid fifties.


  • Saltburn, Early twenties.


  • Worthing, Early thirties.


We are still awaiting updates from the police forces who arrested and questioned the suspects. Once we have updates we will post them accordingly.